Basic Electronics Inc. is a respected and credentialed Military Supplier of U.S. Government electronic sub-systems and systems assemblies.

Basic highly trained personal have attained a proven track record on Maximizing “Zero Failure Rates” and “On Time Deliveries.” Recent Customer letters acknowledging same are available upon request.

Basic Manufacturing facilities are Clean Room Environments, with E.S.D protected assembly areas, manned by personnel certified to the IPC Standard whose inspection system is maintained to meet IPC-610.

Basic Electronics Inc. Quality system is certified to the ISO 9001:2000/AS9100 in addition to meeting MIL-I- 45208A and MIL-I- 9858A when and as required.

Basic Electronics Inc. Internally support its customers most important needs, as Basic is a “Qualified” supplier of foundation electronic interconnects (P.C. Board, Flex Circuits and Rigid Flex).

Basics Engineering offers “Interconnect Design Guide Lines” for the Customers Convenience.

Basic Electronics is a Registered “Qualified” supplier to MIL-P-50884D and are very proud to be same.

Basic Electronics Inc. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes include: 3672, 3559, 3577, 3599, 3612, 3625, 3643, 3669, 3679, 3699, 3812, and 8731.

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Updated: October 9, 2000

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